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‘This beautiful Wayney edge long board is particularly suited to smoked salmon’

‘… satisfies on a lot of fronts. Ideal for lovers of ecology and nature … and bread’

Bunbury Boards… are truly things of beauty

The most beautiful chopping board you will ever own.

I wanted to contact you to let you know how pleased I am that we used your boards on MasterChef.

They look gorgeous.

The craftsmanship and finish is just what I wanted. Not only was I delighted with how they look on camera but also with the quality of the product when used by the show participants. Your company is great to work with, I really appreciate your quick response and product turnaround.

Thank you and I look forward to working with you again.

Bunbury boards appeal to our customers as an affordable gift as well as a functional and beautiful kitchen utensil.

They are both hard-wearing and aesthetically pleasing in terms of the variety of woods and shapes available.

We cannot recommend them enough!

Years ago, I purchased a large Bunbury Board cutting board.  To this day it remains the best cutting board I have ever owned and it has outlasted others that I have purchased.