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Bunbury are no longer supplying products to retailers.   Our products are only available through this website or by contacting us directly.

Our chopping boards are designed to catch the eye and from an ideal centrepiece in any kitchen or dining room. We’ve created a range of design templates, so you’ll have plenty of styles to choose from.  We welcome enquiries for bespoke commissions of boards or any other timber item.

Why Bunbury Boards are Special

  • Each Bunbury Board is the result of years of careful craftsmanship. Our skilled team of craftspeople works tirelessly to ensure that each board is shaped to the highest possible standard.
  • The wood in every Bunbury Board comes from sustainable forestry, nurtured in the Lisnavagh Estate and in forests throughout the island of Ireland.
  • Bunbury Boards are made with a variety of hardwoods and are built to last, so you know that your Bunbury Board will give you pleasure for years to come.
  • You can trace the story of your Bunbury Board from the very beginning, what tree it came from,  the species of the wood, why the tree fell and how the tree was replaced.
  • With its own individual character, your Bunbury Board is a true treasure, which you won’t find anywhere else.


Order Bunbury Boards by calling us on +353 (0) 59 916 1­7­84 or visiting our online shop.