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We’re proud that we’ve been able to launch Bunbury Boards in some of the UK & Ireland’s top restaurants, like The Fuller Thompson restaurants of Scotland, The London Kitchen and Rustic Stone, the restaurant of top chef Dylan McGrath.

With McGrath’s help, we came up with innovative ways to customise boards to the needs of his restaurants. We put magnets on the side of the boards to hold the knife and metal pegs to hold the stone, so the wood doesn’t overheat.

We can adapt our boards to suit any of your serving needs.



Baubury Boards for Restaurants



If you’re a fan of Masterchef Ireland, you’ll have seen the boxes which store the surprise ingredients contestants must use to whip up culinary masterpieces. Those were created especially for Masterchef by Bunbury Boards. We also supply all of their chopping boards, of course,

Restaurants order our chopping boards for their lasting value. They use them for cutting steak and as a unique way to serve food. Our waney-edged boards are cut to include the shape of tree bark and give restaurants a way to serve food attractively. You can also choose from a range of breadboards and cheeseboards.

Why Bunbury Boards are Special

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  • Each Bunbury Board is the result of years of careful craftsmanship. Our skilled team of craftspeople works tirelessly to ensure that each board is shaped to the highest possible standard.
  • The wood in every Bunbury Board comes from sustainable forestry, nurtured in the Lisnavagh Estate and in forests throughout the island of Ireland.
  • Bunbury Boards are made with a variety of hardwoods and are built to last, so you know that your Bunbury Board will give you pleasure for years to come.
  • You can trace the story of your Bunbury Board from the very beginning, what tree it came from,  the species of the wood, why the tree fell and how the tree was replaced.
  • With its own individual character, your Bunbury Board is a true treasure, which you won’t find anywhere else.



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