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Our best ever sale ends soon

Time is starting to run out on our best ever sale of our whole range of Bunbury Boards and Bunbury Bowls products.

Our amazing offer of a massive 20% OFF EVERYTHING in our online store will end on July 31. It means the clock is ticking and now is the time to make your choice and place your order if you’re looking for a great gift for somebody else or a beautiful addition to your own home.

The great online sale means a hand-crafted piece created from centuries-old Irish hardwoods can be had from as little as €12, while all items in our signature range of Bunbury Boards and Bunbury Bowls are also on offer at prices you won’t find anywhere else.

All of our beautiful hardwood timber pieces individually created by craftsmen in our workshop at historic Lisnavagh, and all would make a show-stopping addition to any kitchen.

They are particularly suitable as gifts each item can be engraved to make a thoughtful and unique personalised wedding gift, personalised anniversary gift, or a personalised gift for any other occasion.

Another factor that makes any Bunbury Boards gift unique is how our traceability system allows the owner to get a full report on the wood that was used to make the item; the tree that it came from; how, when and why that tree fell, and what’s been done to replace it.

Treat yourself or somebody else to a special and long-lasting piece of Ireland’s natural heritage by browsing our online shop and placing your order, to take advantage of our 20% OFF EVERYTHING sale. Just remember to do it before July 31!