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The perfect gift from Ireland

Centuries of history and the renowned Irish excellence in hand-crafting items of great beauty combine to make a Bunbury Board or Bunbury Bowl the perfect gift from Ireland.

Irish Gifts from Bunbury Boards

Each beautiful item in our extensive range is lovingly manufactured by our dedicated team of skilled craftspeople at historic Lisnavagh, exclusively using timber from magnificent native hardwood trees that date back to the 19th century or even before.

These majestic trees formed part of Ireland’s lush green landscape for all those years before toppling due to old age or being felled to clear room for new growth. By using their wood for our hand-crafted products, their outstanding natural beauty can continue to be enjoyed for many more years to come.

Uniquely, we can tell the whole story of every piece of wood used to craft every item we make. As a tree falls, it is assigned its own unique identifying number, and this number is then carried through each stage of our manufacturing process until it is stamped on the finished Bunbury Board, Bunbury Bowl, or another item from our kitchen range.



The owner can then use this number to access an individual Tree Report that tells the story of the tree that produced the wood their piece was made from. The report includes details of where the tree grew, why and when it fell, how old it was at the time, and what’s been done to replace it. It’s a unique document of a piece of Irish history that connects their home to the Emerald Isle, no matter where in the world that home may be.


Every Bunbury Board, Bunbury Bowl, or other item can also be personalised with a message or slogan for the person who will receive it, making it an even more perfect gift from Ireland and one that is truly unique. A traditional Celtic font is one of the choices available, for the ultimate link with our unique Irish heritage.

The Bunbury family story can be traced back more than 1,000 years and their link with Lisnavagh goes back more than 300. The family is proud of their history and heritage, and the opportunity to share some of it with you and your loved ones.

A Bunbury Board or Bunbury Bowl therefore really is the perfect gift from Ireland for anybody of Irish descent, or indeed anybody who just appreciates Irish history and beautiful hand-crafted home items that are both attractive and practical alike.


Browse our range now and make your choice, remembering to add your personalised message, if desired. You’ll soon have a beautiful Irish gift to present, and you’ll be greatly appreciated for it.