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The Times (UK) – John Lewis stocking Bunbury Boards

Wood should look, in the words of Mockie Harrison, John Lewis’s home design manager, “as if it has just been chopped down”. But the provenance of timber will be as important as the deliberately unfinished finish. John Lewis will be stocking Bunbury Coasters, blocks of wood, each with a serial number. This allows you to […]

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The Irish Times – Beautiful boards you’ll never be bored with

One of my favourite kitchen implements is a giant wooden cheese board and matching individual serving boards, made from a gorgeous slab of wood salvaged from a science lab in a school in Glasgow where my uncle taught technical drawing and woodwork. I love the history that comes with these lovingly crafted works of art, […]

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The Irish Times – Price Watch

Value for money – Chopping Boards Tested by Conor Pope Conor Pope tested five chopping boards in his Price Watch column for the Irish Times. The Bunbury Board scored a maximum 5 stars and was the only one to do so. His review of the Bunbury Board is as follows: Highs: This Irish made, eco-friendly […]

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Bunbury turns Rathvilly estate wood into gold – The Carlow Nationalist

There’s the well-known tale about the little old lady in Texas who sold her property because she had difficulty growing anything in the garden. The earth was black and sticky. The new owners drilled for oil and developed her garden into one of the state’s major and highly profitable oil producers. The moral is that […]

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“Turn over a New Leaf” by Stephen Milton

FORESTS ARE amongst the earth’s most complex ecological systems, whose dynamic processes and functions we do not yet fully understand. Each year, millions of acres around the world are destroyed. Ireland is no stranger to this environmental topic of concern. Until medieval times the country was heavily forested with oak, pine, beech and birch. However, […]

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The Carlow Nationalist & Leinster Times – 2nd May 2007

Rathvilly timber helping to save the forests In the few minutes it takes you to read this page, some 64 acres of virgin tropical hardwood forest will have been lost forever. One of our local people taking pride that all wood he provides is environmentally justified and traceable, not only down to the actual tree […]

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