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Anniversary Gifts

There’s no better way to celebrate something so lasting and solid as a successful marriage than giving a Bunbury Board as a unique and personalised wedding anniversary gift.

For thousands of years, trees have symbolised strength and wisdom – two essential elements of a happy marriage. Tradition has even recognised this by decreeing that the fifth wedding anniversary is known as the Wooden Anniversary, because by the fifth year of marriage, the couple is developing strong, deep roots like a venerable old tree.

A Bunbury Board is therefore the ideal choice as a personalised fifth wedding anniversary gift, as you’ll be showing tradition as well as thoughtfulness. But it doesn’t stop there, as they are equally fitting as a personalised wedding anniversary gift to mark 25 years, 50 years, or any milestone of marriage.

No matter what the year, they represent the wonder of nature, just as marriage represents the wonder of love.

Each Bunbury Board, made by our skilled craftspeople at historic Lisnavagh, is as unique and individual as the happy couple who are celebrating. By personalising it, it becomes an even more special way of capturing the memories of happy years spent together.

We can engrave up to 300 characters of your choosing, to tailor your personalised wedding anniversary gift in the most fitting way possible. Among the details you might like to include are:

The names of the happy couple

Details of their wedding venue and date

Names of any children or even grandchildren

A personal message

A slogan or saying of special meaning to the couple

Just as every marriage is constantly renewed and sees new wonders found, so too are the woodlands from which the timber comes for your personalised wedding anniversary gift Bunbury Board. This is thanks to the sustainability policy we take so seriously. These trees will be a feature of our rich local landscape for many years to come – just as your thoughtful and unique personalised wedding anniversary gift will be a feature for many years in the happy home of the couple who are lucky enough to receive it.

To order your personalised wedding anniversary gift, just visit our online shop and make your choice.