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A fabulous Fourth of July!

Bunbury Boards manager and wood turner extraordinaire Willie McHutcheon proved quite the hit at The Kilkenny Shop on Nassau Street in Dublin when he paid a visit on July 4.

Willie gave a day-long exhibition of wood turning and he had hundreds of captivated and entranced onlookers from early morning through to the evening. Being the Fourth of July, visitors from America were particularly out in force, but spectators also included others from right across Europe, Canada, and Australia, as well as plenty of interested Irish people. It really was a day when the beauty of Bunbury Boards and Bunbury Bowls became known worldwide!

Willie showed his audience the technique involved in producing our range of Bunbury Bowls. He also crafted some smaller items to hand out on the day, such as spinning tops for younger spectators and egg cups for the adults.

Willie was accompanied on the day by our sales executive Cheryl Stanley. Cheryl gave a number of talks on the history of Lisnavagh and the Lisnavagh Timber Project, as well as detailing the amount of work that goes into every Bunbury Board and Bunbury Bowl produced, and explaining our unique traceability methods.

We enjoy a great welcome all round in The Kilkenny Shop and we’ve been invited back in Autumn. We’re already looking forward to it!